Nico Rodriguez
June 1, 2023
January 16, 2024

What is CafeCosmos?

CafeCosmos is a fully on-chain space cafe.

Sound simple? It’s not.

We set out to design a sustainable p2p tycoon. What came after was 2 years of token engineering soul-searching. Including good ideas, bad ideas, wins, losses, and everything in between.

We now have what we believe to be the most advanced play-to-earn protocol to date.

We’ve worked with incredible talent, had epiphanies, and redesigned the game twice.

Meet the new CafeCosmos.

Preface: Currencies

CafeCosmos has one currency. The StarkPlay token, we won’t go too much into that today but just know big things are coming here.

Part 1: Network Revenue

Network revenue just means how much money the game makes. When you claim a plot of land or expand your own, you have to do so by paying in StarkPlay.

These funds immediately get sent to an algorithmic vesting controller which endlessly drips funds into the redistribution mechanism. The game and vesting controller have NO token allocation.

Part 2: The Redistribution Mechanism

The R.M. disperses the funds throughout 3 categories. Mains, drinks, and desserts. Each of them has a respective share of the total funds, modeled after the price percentage seen on a usual menu.

Within these subsections, more redistribution happens.

Each category takes the funds into its respective pool and redistributes them to its own sub-pools (recipes)

Now recipes are loaded with funds and ready to go. So how do I earn?

Part 3: From the Farm to the Table

Remember I said you unlock land right?

This isn’t your regular Alberta ditch. This is a jungle, full of valuable resources.

You can find ores, minerals, crystals, seeds, and animals.

You can use seeds to grow crops, ores and minerals to build appliances and machinery, and animals for different animal products.

Once you’ve climbed your way up this tree of crafting, growing, and have the right ingredients with the right appliance — say, a salad and a cutting board — you can now put your salad on the cutting board to enter the redistribution mechanism.

Part 4: Earning

So, you’ve put a salad on a cutting board, what next?

The magic here is that the salad is buying you a share of the salad pool, you will be able to claim it in 24 hours.

So be careful because if more people start making salads then you will be in a recipe pool that is being shared with others. This is why users are incentivized to find the recipe that is being used by the least amount of people.

Part 5: Cookers

So, the game is big, and everyone is in every recipe, huh?

You have no option but to compete for recipe pool space.

So what determines the number of pool shares?

A simple equation

pool shares = how many tables you have * 1 / sqrt(how many people are using your cooker)

So now you can compete by finding the rarest cooker.

A cooker is anything that cooks something in the game. Including but not limited to:

— blenders
— ovens
— cutting boards
— coffee machines

So you might think of making as many tables as possible. Yes, however, the amount of tables you can have in your cafe is directly proportional to the size of your land. The size of land / 6 is how many tables you can have.

Part 6: Inflation

So now you’re the big boy, the top shot, el Chucho libre, the man, the pedestrian with the pimp cane. Now what?

Well, inflation is that thing that creeps up on you like a period and before you know it you’ve bled out.

Our mission is simple, create a game with no inflation.

Up until now, they told us this was impossible, well oopsie fucking daisy because we cracked this nut so hard it broke an iceberg.

Part 7: Weather

Let’s look at what is inflationary

— fruits from trees
— byproducts of animals
— crops

So we ask ourselves, gee whiz, isn’t there anything from the real world that deflates these beings. Why yes there is young padawan


Water is the subatomic particle of de/inflation

So we brought water into the game, in the form of climate. Sometimes it gets hot and you need to water your plants (make sure you have enough stockpiled), sometimes there’s so much water for months that you don’t think you’ll ever need it again.

Well hey silly billy, that’s just randomness, that’s just a game

wrong mothafucka.

I don’t like randomness,

I’m not gonna go get some cuck chainlink VRF number from a central server.

What we did was we tied the climate system, which is also the deflationary system to the price of ETH on Uniswap.

ETH goes up, it rains, it pours even,

ETH goes down, it gets dry,

ETH keeps going down, it gets dryer, and dryer, and eventually caps out.

saddle up bitch, we’re going to play a REAL GAME

Thankfully for you, we’re looking at 1 month and 1 day candles more than anything else.

Part 8: Toodles