When is token generation?

Token generation date is so far undetermined, expect more announcements regarding TGE to come this year. We will update our twitter in advance.

What is the motivation behind creating CafeCosmos?

We started CafeCosmos because we want to see a satisfying and high quality game on chain that breaks the norms for which earning games and traditional economic games have been made.

We took an economy first approach when designing our earning module, which led to what we call the Redistribution Mechanism.

With play-to-earn games, value often is minted out of thin air. We wanted to have an economic game that lasts. The minting of tokens for reward with no backing or schedule is a broken model that often crashes token economies.

In our mission to implement a radically new economy we have been backed by the two founders of Ocean Protocol, and early Consensys and Polygon investor  John Lilic. Our mission is to bring computer science excellence with satisfying and meaningful experiences to games.

We invented the redistribution mechanism to reward players with the circulating token supply instead of minting, maintaining  a low inflation rate while allowing players to earn. Overall we are expanding how tycoon economies are structured even in the traditional game industry.

Read more about our motivations behind the project here and the spec of the redistribution mechanism.

How is earning different in CafeCosmos than tradition play-to-earn?

Since the game is fully on-chain, can maintain a reasonable inflation rate, and involves strategic thinking in order to maximize earnings, this game goes beyond what is known as “play to earn”. My mission is to make a game that allows for complex strategies. For more information read the economics section of the VisionsDAO docs.

What's the relationship between café cosmos and VisionDAO?

VisionsDAO is the game development and research studio behind CafeCosmos.

What's chain is this launching on?

We are launching on Starknet.

Is this game on Cosmos?

No, this game is on Starknet. ;)

What will be the price of the IDO?

This is undetermined as is the date of the IDO. Subscribe to our twitter for more updates as they come.